Dr. Robert Shimek


Dr. Shimek was raised in Eastern Washington on a cattle, sheep and wheat farm. He came to Salem in 1990, where he bought the practice from Dr. Jim Hoffman. He raised his family in Salem and has enjoyed the many lasting relationships that practicing veterinary medicine has provided. He is a graduate of Washington State Universiy and avid Blazer’s fan.



Sheri has been a member of the Hoffman Veterinary Clinic staff for 28 years. Sheri is not only a dedicated, hard working receptionist, but she also provides valuable, caring advice and information to our clients. Sheri enjoys travel, collecting old pottery & glass. She loves her dog, Bobbie and her cat, Minto.


Receptionist and Veterinary Technician

Sue has been a member of the Hoffman Veterinary Clinic staff for 13 years. Her warm smile, welcoming words, and helpful attitude have made her a valuable addtion to the Hoffman staff. Sue is high energy, and loves people!! She enjoys dog shows, hiking & camping. She has 3 dogs and 3 cats which she loves!!


Veterinary Technician

Donna has been a vet tech for 26 years. She has worked for Hoffman Veterinary Clinic for 4 years. She is high energy, & has a great sense of humor!! She does a little bit of everything at Hoffman!! She enjoys reading, European travel, loves her Mini Cooper, fencing, computers & adores her 3 dogs.


Veterinary Technician

Tori has been working at Hoffman Vet Clinic since 2013. She has 2 cats, KitKat and Mason. She has a German Shepard named Sarah Kerrigan, who gets her name from a video game called StarCraft, & 2 leopard geckos. Tori has a variety of interests such has hiking, canoeing & camping. She is a talented cartoonist and an avid gamer. Her favorite video games are Dragon Aye and StarCraft. We are lucky to have her on our team!!